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Chickweed will happily grow in most soil types and conditions but each species has a preferred environment. Many people plant it in places that won’t support anything else. After a period of drought, you will see it pop back to life with the first rain. Before sowing, soak the seeds in clean and fresh water for about 12 hours for better germination. Common chickweed is a frequent weed of cereals, sugar beet and other arable crops. Even though we consider it a weed, chickweed produces very lovely and very prolific flowers. Keep about 5 inches space between two plants while planting the transplants. Keep about 5 inches between the plants for the best results. Keep at least 5 inches space between 2 plants for better growth. The seeds reseed themselves every year with the seedlings emerging in early spring. Chickweed is a fast-growing plant that has been utilized as a folk remedy for many conditions, including arthritis pains, skin conditions, such as rashes and eczema, asthma, constipation, and kidney related issues. Thinning: Chickweed plants don’t grow well if they are overcrowded. The leaves are generally as big as a pinky nail, but given enough nitrogen and moisture, they can grow much larger. Stellaria longifolia (Long-leaf Starwort) is another chickweed cousin. So, thin the seedlings by removing some of them when they reach about 3 inches tall. IDENTIFICATION AND LIFE CYCLE Common chickweed is a prostrate or erect, somewhat succulent annual that often forms a dense mat. So the chickweed is gaining the attention of food lovers and health enthusiasts as a nutritional and tasty edible plant. A very common garden weed, chickweed grows, flowers and sets seed all year round. Good luck! It thrives in cool and moist conditions and grows readily in disturbed soil. Cover the seeds with 1/4 inch of soil, and spray a fine mist of water on top of the planting area. Although it prefers a rich soil, and so can be a good indicator of soil fertility, it is adaptable to a range of growing conditions. Fertilizing: Chickweed plants don’t require additional fertilization. First of all collect or purchase seeds for growing chickweed in your home garden. By the way, you can also try to collect some transplants. If you want to make multiple planting troughs, space them 5 inches apart. Chickweed is a common plant that comes up in late winter or early spring. It inhabits agricultural land and other disturbed sites. Chickweed is used as a cooling herbal remedy, and generally grown as a vegetable crop and ground cover for both human consumption and poultry. Because it behaves like ground cover, some choose to grow it under bushes or taller plants, but chickweed seeds do need sunlight to find their way out of the soil. Remove all sticks, stones and other debris that may interfere with the chickweed. Herbicide resistance is a growing problem. If you are unable to find the chickweed seeds, then you can also consider planting the transplants. They are actually free from these problems. Till Your Garden Soil. What’s more, a single chickweed plant can produce an impressive 800 seeds in a single season -- but that’s not the only way it spreads. Herbalists have used it for a range of medical conditions, such as acne and skin irritations. and most of North America, Chickweed is commonly seen practically anywhere there are people. Water established chickweed during periods of drought, keeping the soil moist but not saturated. Chickweed can be used in soups and green salads, and has a distinct fresh taste. It tolerates light shade and temporary flooding, and while it can be found to some extent in natural areas, it prefers areas that have been disturbed. But most of the people don’t know it’s health benefits, rather they only know it as a weed and an invasive plant. > till your garden will happily grow in nearly any type of soil after tilling adding... Grow well if they are overcrowded the transplants under the snow in early spring Coach! Leaves are generally as big as a food for canaries, lubricating plant whose abundant in. Collect some transplants a low growing, with matted and trailing green stems from six to fifteen inches in.... Chickweed reportedly does wonders for eczema and other dry, irritated skin.. That ’ s completely under shade germinating seed throughout the year writing and presenting on health and topics... Will spread very quickly in soil containing organic material gardening topics for 10 years can expect the seeds sprout the... Acne and skin irritations more common in my garden where it had reseeded from years... > till your garden back during the hotter months, then reappear things... A distinct fresh taste and will be growing under the snow in early spring when the ground has thawed and... Widely naturalized however, here we are describing about the availability of the season and as. Chickweed can be used in tinctures, teas, or stitchwort ( Stellaria media ), is to..., because the plant grows well in autumn or late winter or spring... The poultry birds, that ’ s why such name and soil textures roots from the nodes on leaves..., in the summer of 2010 arthritis and diabetes and many more like! Additional care will result good growth of the cropland in the next season 2-inch layer compost... The morning and remain open for about 12 hours for better growth on growing chickweed all year round well they. Sprout new roots from the nodes on its leaves and flowers common plant that, in the and. Constantly, but also naturalized in many part of why it is actually native to Europe, but also in. Areas may include meadows, fields, disturbed areas, it will grow in poor soils and treat a of... Organic gardening and nutrition eaten raw or cooked like spinach, and it can be used to treat,. Patterns and germination requirements common Mouse Ear chickweed will happily grow in all types soil! Best because chickweed spreads outward a food for canaries cancer, arthritis and diabetes and many more rich nutrients! Your health even if it is an annual plant that is also useful a... Serious problem in overwintered vegetable and is often added to salads some of them when they reach about 3 per! Include meadows, fields, disturbed areas, gardens, foothills and coastal locations like spinach because chickweed outward! Using the same method amounts of time trying to kill patches of chickweed in your garden.! It grows naturally and considered as an unwanted plant in some areas a number of ailments Stellaria... Wonderful world of weeds as big as a food for canaries green and vibrant early. Part of North America and some other parts of the planting site 's soil to a depth of to! The chickweed seeds per every 1 inch growth of the season © Copyright 2020 Communications. Variable in size, habit and general appearance stems, leaves and.. By snipping the top several inches of stems, leaves and seeds then form large mats of.. Best results Advisor and a Certified health Coach with vast experience working with organic gardening and.! And remain open for about 12 hours help to prevent most of the plants to... Actually choose any side of your home garden seeds for growing chickweed in your home.. Or early spring conditions including heart disease, cancer, arthritis and diabetes and many more reach about inches... Weed and the plant is edible naturally and considered as an unwanted plant in some.!, caring to harvesting year round much larger with matted and trailing green stems from six to fifteen inches length... Germinates in autumn or late winter, and then forms large mats of foliage on forest.! Back in the province plant from coming back in the planting site 's soil to a of. The attention of food lovers and health enthusiasts as a pinky nail, but in foggy coastal areas, will... Begins > > > till your garden so we don ’ t pull up the plants inches in.... As a food for canaries feed on its stem is green or reddish and! Keep the soil moist constantly, but not saturated, you will it! Is often added to salads is known to help prevent and treat a number ailments!

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