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Thanks for the help bro, I appreciate it. Well, it's not a problem for me since I have the Encounter Finder on both characters. Awakened and Unleashed It brings us to the Japan of 1988; when the nation was at the height of its bubble economy. There is a chance I'm misremembering but the Trouble Finder is what you get from Miracle as Kiryu. People confuse Trouble Finder with Encounter Finder as the name of these items are not clear. Okay, to get back to the maths, if you tried grinding 7.5 trillion yen on Majima Shakedowns and assuming you'd get 1.5 billion yen on average per encounter, you'd need 5000 encounters. This Yakuza 0 Substories Guide - Kazuma Kiryu focuses on the main characters Substories and side quests and provides information pertaining to the location and any other valuable intel. Are you certain that you’re in the right places with the right character having met the prerequisites for those quests? You’ll naturally do all of them if you’re going for 100%, since the more “hidden” ones tend to pop up as you clear the completion list. I know I can find where they are online but I’d prefer if I could do that without pulling out my phone and just checking the map. Yakuza 6 isn’t just about fighting.Sometimes, it’s about remembering to pick up cat food on your way home. He has his own set of substories for you to find and complete. I just looked it up on YouTube. Sega's Yakuza 0 is an open-world crime spree where you fight your way through the story at your own pace. A tax inspector wants to meet with you, so exit the building and Kiryu will notice a woman matching the description you were given. Hope you keep enjoying it, best of luck to you! Time to Say Goodbye 5. Let's say you start at 1 billion yen which is reasonable enough I think, since it's also around the amount of money Mr. Shakedowns will drop in their strongest form, and assuming you need 5 minutes to do one cycle of getting defeated by a Mr. Shakedown and then defeating him, you'd need 22 such cycles to end up at around 7.5 trillion yen, which would take a little under 2 hours. Trouble Finder! Check out this Yakuza 0 Goro Majima Substories Guide to find and complete them all. The best time to do all substories is either in the finale chapter right before the final fight, or in premium adventure, which unlocks after beating the game. ... (0.0635/d/www1 This How To Transfer Money And Items Between Characters Kiryu And Majima In Yakuza 0 will tell you exactly how it's done, when you can unlock it and what's involved. A Matter of Life or Death 4. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Well, it takes some time but it appears you can. Painful Reunion 9. Trouble finder not working GAMEPLAY So I’ve been playing yakuza 0 (on Xbox) and I wanna do all the side quests so I used the trouble finder yet when I use it, literally nothing changes and it won’t show me where the side quests are. Just to throw in a bit of math here. You should get it after beating the Leisure and Electronics king after Ch.5. Lamb in the Lion’s Den 10. However, it's fairly safe to say that The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is a more popular ps4 game, based on its 2,000+ reviews. Franchises:Yakuza. It takes place in the year 1988, seven years before the prologue to Yakuza 1, … Yakuza 0 - Substory and Friendship Guide A ... Trouble Finder (Accessory) Enter the Sugita Building after defeating the Electronics King and the phone will ring. New Allies, New Foes 3. on the map if you're zoomed in far enough. If substories are all you’re after, I can give you some pointers, but it’s been about two years since I’ve 100%ed that game so I might not remember all of them. I'm on chapter 17. I did it in chapter 6 don't think I did anything specific to trigger it I was just using the trouble finder accessory you can buy with CP and saw there was a substory available at Mach Bowl. I don’t want to spoil where any of these pop up because stumbling onto a substory when you weren’t looking for one is one of the greatest joys these games offer in my opinion. The Trouble Finder is found for Kiryu by completing substory related to his Real Estate business, and it unlocks in Chapter 5. This time you will play as Kiryu Kazuma and Majima Goro before they became the men we know and love from the later games. So Yakuza 0, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $25 The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, as seen on the chart below. To activate a mission, you need to find it on the map and interact with the right person. Huh, you are right. The Big Reveal 7. I know I’m in the right places with the characters as im in their respective areas with Kiryu in Kamurocho and majima in his, though the last thing about the more hidden ones is plausible, as I’ve completed most of them, an example being how I have only 32 left out of 40. The Trouble Finder accessory will mark all available substories on your map. This time you will play as Kiryu Kazuma and Majima Goro before they … By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Genres:Action, Adventure. YAKUZA 0 . This is the unofficial subreddit for Sega's long-running game series, Yakuza, known in Japan as RyÅ« ga Gotoku. These are the achievement obtained for normal story progression which are unmissable. Yakuza Zero is the sixth main game in the Yakuza series and a prequel to the first game. Based in these two districts are the two protagonists Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima respectively. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Português - Brasil (Portuguese - Brazil), https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/816306-yakuza-0/faqs/74451/introduction. Those are the only two ways you can guarantee that every substory could pop up. Originally posted by Bobfish - PixelJudge.com: Miracle in Maharaja, choose the black box . How do I fix this. A lot of you will be playing Yakuza 0 over the next few weeks, and for many it will be your first time with the series. © Valve Corporation. Which is OK! Yes it's called the trouble finder. There’s a lot of others that show up through other means. So I'm currently on 34/40 substories for Majima but when i use the trouble finder there's no exclamation marks to start the sub story? Set in 1988 Japan, this third-person action adventure game puts you in the middle of a gang war between two mob families. I did this on the Japanese version but it works just the same! All rights reserved. It brings us to the Japan of 1988; when the nation was at the height of its bubble economy. For Yakuza Kiwami on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Does anyone know where to find the Trouble Finder accessory? But if you’re just focusing on substories, you might find that you have to engage with some stuff you maybe intended on avoiding. Nostalgic for the 80s 2. The game's two principal locations are Kamurocho, Tokyo, and Sotenbori, Osaka. The Touble Finder finds substories from people "in trouble" for you to help.

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